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      Home>Products>PP Series Portable Jaw Crusher,China Jaw Crusher
      PP Series Portable Jaw Crusher,China Jaw Crusher
      Date:08-19-2013     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing
      PP Series Portable Jaw Crusher,China Jaw Crusher
      • Model:PP600
      • Capacity(t/h):10-240m3/h
      • Accreditation:ISO2000 and CE

      PP Series Portable Jaw Crusher,China Jaw Crusher Overview

      The primary crushing plant includes Hopper,Vibrating Feeder, jaw crusher, Semi-trailer Chassis, and other supporting parts. The material is fed into the hopper by the loader. Vibrating Feeder can prescreen the material during its working process, and feed the bigger material into jaw crusher for primary crushing process. Then crushed material will be carried out by the belt conveyor.

      YIFAN PP Series Portable jaw crusher has the advantage of reasonable match, unobstructed material discharge, reliable run, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy conservation. The good mobility can make it move in and between different quarries. It can also work with other plants to meet different requirements of customers.

      PP Series Portable Jaw Crusher,China Jaw CrusherWorking

      PP Series Portable jaw crusher is widely used in mine, building material, highway, rail way and hydropower industries, etc. The crushing and screening processes can be finished at one time to produce the required size and capacity.

      PP Series Portable Jaw Crusher,China Jaw Crusher Technical Data

      PP JAW PLANTS PP600 PP750 PP900 PP1060 PP1200 PP1300PEX
      Transport dimensions
      Length(mm) 8600 9600 11097 13300 15800 9460
      Width(mm) 2520 2520 3759 2900 2900 2743
      Height(mm) 3770 3500 3500 4440 4500 3988
      Weight(kg) 15240 22000 32270 57880 98000 25220
      Axle Weight(kg) 10121 14500 21380 38430 64000 14730
      King pin weight(kg) 5118 7500 10890 19450 34000 10490
      Jaw Crusher
      Model PE400×600 PE500×750 PE600×900 PE750×1060 PE900×1200 PE300×1300
      Feed opening(mm) 400×600 500×750 600×900 750×1060 900×1200 300×1300
      Setting range(c.s.s)(mm) 40-100 50-100 65-180 80-180 95-225 20-90
      Capacity(m3/h) 10-35 25-60 30-85 70-150 100-240 10-65
      Model GZT0724 GZT0724 GZT0932Y ZSW490×110 ZSW600×130 GZT0724
      Feed hopper volume(m3) 3 4 7 10 10 3
      Hopper width(mm) 2200 2500 3000 3000 3000 2200
      Belt conveyor
      Model B650×6 B800×7 B1000×8 B1000×11 B1200×13 B1000×7