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      Home > news > Be careflu to these when installing the mobile jaw crusher
      Be careflu to these when installing the mobile jaw crusher
      Date:05-14-2015     Author:Yifan Machinery Jaw Crushing

      After purchasing mobile jaw crusher, the first problem the consumers faces is installation which is a very important work. Only correct installation can the machine work normally and creat benefit for us. Or it not only delay the work progress, but also danger the safety of the works, which will make the company loss money and repuration. So the works must be cautious when installing and must do as the follows.

      mobile jaw crushers

      Configurating the power line and controlling swith according to the drivng force of the mobile jaw crusher. Please check whether all parts bolt of the mobile jaw crusher is loose or not and whether mainframe warehouse door is fastened or not after installation.If yes, please fasten.The mobile jaw crusher should be installed in the level of concrete foundation,and fixed with anchor bolts.Pay attention to the vertical between the main body and the horizontal when installation.After checking, test the mobile jaw crusher with empty load. If it's normal,it can be carried out.

      If you are interesting in the crusher machine, welcome to insult:400-665-6688.